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How do I know if my child is using drugs?

You may realize that your child is being influenced by negative friendships, because he begins to show irresponsible behavior in the home, school and community. There are indicators that are observed such as changes in the styles of thoughts and attitudes that may suggest drug use problems.

These changes to note are:

1. Loss of respect for parents and other authority figures.
2. He appears to be inconsistent in everything he does.
3. It is observed in the young man, disorganization and neglect in self-care.
4. Displays self-destructive behaviors.
5. He relates to people of questionable character or identity of failure.
6. Their feelings are dulled, becoming insensitive to the suffering of the family.
7. Eating habits are altered: no appetite or eating out of schedules.
8. Their sleep pattern is altered.
9. Sweats a lot, as if he had been working out.
10. Loses weight and becomes sickly.

Within months, parents realize that their child is another person who does not resemble the young educated person who had Christian values ​​and principles. You do not know him. He is different in the way he dresses, talks and walks; you feel that his feelings have changed.


Finally, He falls into the use of drugs destroying his life and that of those around him. Unfortunately, once they use drugs they start to lose control over their impulses and become unable to fend for themselves. Rather, the problem is exacerbated day by day. What began as an adventure or response to a challenge from a friend becomes a severe mental health illness.

Our values

Our Mision
In Puerto Rico , the problem of the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, has acquired impressive dimensions , which is why we should not evade this social evil but attack it when new treatment modalities that may offer these people a better quality of life, so you can enjoy a better Puerto Rico.

Just Say NO to drugs & alcohol!


Our Vision

Help rehabilitate those who have been victims of the problem of the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs in our society, through military discipline, which will help to change the way they handle their issues and how they think, Distinguishing in them formality, worth, responsibility and teamwork, and thus to achieve integration into the community, helping them to be stable and successful people.